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Our Process For The Ultimate White Smile!
Your whiter smile begins with our high quality, professional grade products. We begin by taking a custom- made impression of your teeth. Simply bite down for one to two minutes on our unique whiting tray or create an impression of your teeth! (your personal, customized tray is reusable and can be used for home touch -ups!) We then fill your custom-fitting tray with our professional strength carbamide/hydrogen peroxide whiting gel. The custom fitting tray holds the peroxide gently in place against your teeth maximizing your results while minimizing contract with other oral tissues. you will than reinsert the custom whiting tray into your mouth. Get comfortable, sit back and relax-listen to music, or even take a catnap! 
We than activate the professional LED dental whiting lamp. The lamp is specially designed to maximize the bleaching effect by allowing the whiting gel to penetrate into the structure of the tooth where the light acts with the gel to create an oxidizing action thus removing imbedded stains and pigment from the dentin where regular, over-the-counter products cannot reach. 

Teeth Whitening
20 Minutes (Good) – 149
40 Minutes (Better) – 189
60 Minutes (Best) – 229

*Note* Our treatment is only effective on natural teeth. It will not lighten crowns, bridgework, veneers, or dentures.
While it may lighten some of the discoloration associated with tetracycline staining, it is not optimal, nor guarenteed.
Severely stained teeth may require multiple treatments for optimal results. 
Is Tooth Whitening Safe?
Our teeth whitening system is safe for most people. Some studies have even been shown that carbamide peroxide, the active ingredient in our whitening gel, is beneficial in the removal of harmful bacteria. We use quality, dental grade carbamide peroxide.
It should NOT be used if any of the following apply to you:
- You are allergic to peroxide, glycerin, or have had allergic reactions to other over-the-counter whitening preparations in the past.
- You are under 16 years of age 
- You are pregnant or lactating (Peroxide MAY pass into breastmilk)
- You are currently undergoing oral restorations, or surgery, or have any open lacerations in the mouth.
- You are photosensistive or are taking medications that cause photosensativity.

How Long Will The Results Last?
Results will vary depending on factors such as diet, personal habits, and teeth maintenance. To prevent restaining of teeth, we recommend you abstain from tobacco products, coffee, tea, colas, red wines, sauces, etc. for at least 24 hours after whitening. With proper hygiene and care, most people desire to touch up once every year.