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What Are Hot Heads Hair Extensions?
100% Remy Human Hair Adhesive Weft Extensions That Are Easily Installed Without The Use Of Tools Or Heat.

How Long Does Installation Take?
Installation Takes Anywhere from 1  to 2 hours depending on the client. 

How Long Do They Last?
8 To 10 Weeks Depending On Client's Hair Growth. Extensions Can Be Taken Out And Re-Used Up To 3 Times!‚Äč

Can You Color It?
You Can Deposit Color Down Two - Three Levels, However, Extensions Come In 28 Natural Colors That Can Be Combined To Match Over 500 Shades. Colors Also Come In Blue, Purple, Pink, etc. We DO NOT Recommend That You Color Your Extensions Due To The Fact That Coloring Hot Heads Extensions Will Void Their Warranty. 

Can You Iron, Curl, & Blow Dry The Hair?
 Yes! All Of The Above Heat Processes Are Okay. However, It Is Important To Not Apply Direct Heat To The Adhesive Itself. 

What Products Can Be Used In The Hair?
It's Recommended That Clients Use Sulfate Free Shampoos & Condition The Ends Of Hair Regularly. Avoid Using Products That Contain Oil, Alcohol, Or Ethanol, & Avoid Using Conditioners Directly On Scalp. 

Can Roots Be Retouched While The Extensions Are In The Hair? 
Yes, But Keep In Mind That Chemicals Can Compromise The Tape Tabs.

How Many Extensions Come In A Pack?
20 Strands Come In Each Full Pack (10 Complete Extensions). Two to Three Packs Are Recommended For The Ideal Length & Volume. Lengths Come In 10" To 24" & Come In Body Waves. 

How Does Pricing Work?
For The First Installation, we charge $100.00/ hour Plus The Price Of The Hair(keep in mind the hair can be re-used up to 3 times, being used 7 to 10 weeks at a time).
To Determine The Price Of The Hair, The Client Will Need To Come in For A Consultation With One Of Our Designers, The Consultation Is Always Free. After The First Installation We Charge $100.00/ hour For Taking The Hair Out, Re-Taping It, & Washing/ Styling The Extensions.
The Price For Reinstallation Is Still $100.00/ hour